3 Tips For Choosing The Right Mentor To Advance Your Career

It’s a stressful time for many people at the moment, knowing that redundancies, job cuts and changes to working conditions are on the horizon. It’s hitting people who never imagined they’d be unemployed, because work environments that were once considered completely secure are now being impacted by “economic necessities”.

Two things not everyone pays attention to but can make a big impression: your teeth and your nails. If your teeth are not as white as they could be, or your nails not trimmed and neat – do something about it. This can give a bad impression. You want to look completely professional and put together so pay attention to every detail.

Third, Tom isn’t buying career coaching certification at all of the. He’s looking for the book about career improve. On Amazon, he sees a look at by someone who is very much a career coaching certification. Outside idle curiosity, he looks up the icf australia‘s site. He’s intrigued via the articles and info and so he makes a speak to. One of my sites is focused on career change and I’ve gotten many clients in such a manner.

Follow your path and apply for jobs you are qualified to perform. Ideally, your education, experience, skill set and natural behaviors should fit the position job requirements.

Voila! A contact told him about a marketing position with a company. The position was “junior” to him, i.e. lower level responsibilities, pay etc. But he told his contact what he was good doing and asked if they needed help in that area. Soon he was meeting with the CEO and was hired.

Stains or marks. Again, you would think this is a no brainer, yet one employer said he receives resumes with coffee stains on them. Accidents happen, however think about the impression you are making on an employer when you send out a resume that is not pristine.

Whether you are pondering these questions in a group setting or on your own, also consider these questions: What can I learn from this? And, what is next for me? You may or may not get to the bottom of all the “whys” but you can learn from your experience and build the courage to move forward into your next opportunity.

As Janine Moon, Master Certified Career Coach and author of Career Ownership, says so eloquently, ‘There is only one rule: Your career belongs to you. It’s your responsibility. You better own it.’ To that I add, so go out and hire yourself your next boss! Follow us on Twitter and Facebook.