Bpo Firms Take Note: Emails Work

If you’ve been sending marketing email already but aren’t satisfied with your click-through rate, or if you’re designing your first html email template and want to make sure that it’s optimized for the best possible click-through results, this article covers seven best practices for getting the most click-through response from your email sends.

I believe it happens because on a webinar you share a lot of information and you do it in “person”. It’s happening live whether the prospects visits or not and it elevates your social status by showing your prospects that they are not alone-there are more people who think you’re cool too!

Build a proper, validated list of subscribers. BPO managers are warned time and again not to pool data through unethical means. Place opt-in choices for the user. The call center efforts at a successful email marketing campaign can only happen if the receivers are on board at their own will. Thrusting a newsletter under the nose of an unsuspecting customer is the last thing that the outbound call center team would like to do. When you send emails to opt-in lists only, you know that your message will be read and thought over. Email blasts still work, but with limited resources, very few business process outsourcing units are willing to splurge on it.

Have a system for capturing your new business contacts that you meet at networking events, biz trips and conferences. Jot a note on the back of each card as a reminder of what was discussed. Create and save a “Follow-Up list leverage review” that you can adjust accordingly. Easy.

Adding a correct date indicates when the campaign was sent. Spam filters sometimes assign spam score points if the date is not mentioned or provided incorrectly.

3) Email Marketing is using email to send visitors promotions, newsletters or other materials. You create a list of subscribers from your website or by other means. Once you have their permission you can send them emails daily, weekly or monthly with promotions, special events, newsletters, or other useful information. I find email marketing to be an effective way to promote your products, if you already have a list of subscribers to send to and you do not need to pay for a list. There can be some cost when you set up an email campaign if you need to pay for a list or have a HTML email template set up it may be costly. You will also need to make sure your emails are set up correctly so the are not considered spam.

Consistent emails and Layout. If possible keep subscription form on your site. So your subscribers actually see your site before subscribing. Use the same template to send them emails. If you are not using html emails, then use a consistent email template. This way your subscriber is tuned to your email layout and easy for him to go through it.

Do not broadcast an email campaign with a lousy email template. The email template should reflect the brand of your company and when it is done properly, you will definitely get a good response from your email campaign. So spend time and effort to design a good one.