Club Promotion Social Media Skills

Is there such a thing as Twitter etiquette? Maybe not officially, but I want to suggest some unofficial ideas for appropriate Twitter behavior. I was very resistant to the whole idea of joining Twitter and thus tweeting my every thought. I observed the phenomenon for awhile before I finally decided to join in on the fun. I have a Myspace account and a Facebook account, so I felt that Twitter would just be one more way to reach out to people (from the comfort of home). I like that you can only use 140 characters to get your thought or point across. It keeps it short and sweet.

Lack of Training Constant training is necessary to stay ahead of the game…and your competitors. You want to know how to obtain and utilize the best keywords, so you can show up at the top of Google searches. You want to know the best strategies to advertise on MySpace and Twitter without coming across a little too “salesy” to your prospects. You want to know how to format your articles and press releases the best way possible, so you are more likely to show up at the top of Google Searches. I could go on…

Keywords – These are very important to use in your articles. If you use the right amount of keywords your article might appear at the top of a google search which will help your site to gain more page views, and comments.

The first step is to create a myspace account account and log in to create a profile. One may also enter attractive information such as interests and descriptions of hobbies.

Add a newsletter. If you don’t have a newsletter, you’re selling yourself short. Many folks myspace account don’t buy immediately. They wait until the time is right. Encourage your visitors to sign up by offering incentives like free MP3s, discounts on a CD, free ringtones or notification of upcoming gigs. Send out your newsletter on a regular basis to get your visitors excited about learning more about YOU. Use RSS feeds to easily allow for subscription to your latest news.

There are 4 main categories to online marketing that you need to concentrate on: Blog Marketing, Article Marketing, Video Marketing and Social Networking. There are additional easy to learn methods as well as these four that can generate good results, too.

Using Google Gears. Once installed, you simply have to begin typing a friend’s name or the contents of a certain message that you’d like to find in the Google Gears box, and they’ll pop up. Use Google Gears to easily organize messages or to find all messages from a certain person or date–it’s a really simple way to navigate Myspace’s fairly unorganized message system, and it takes a lot of frustration out of the service for users that have used MySpace frequently for a long time.