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Most people can agree that getting picked up in a nice car is a sweet touch to a Valentine’s Day date. This Valentine’s Day, Zipcar is offering a 14% discount* on all premium cars: BMW’s, Mercedes, Audi’s, SUVs and many more.

This is my thought as to why the Rockies will still win the Wild Card. The Marlins are used to playing spoiler and they have enough young guys that are still playing for jobs and bigger contracts that they will play the Braves hard. They don’t like the Braves and the Braves don’t like them so there should be enough emotion, pride and pocket book involved to motivate the Marlins.

For meals: Many home economists make a meal plan on Saturday night or Sunday morning for the next week. Decide which meals you will be making, what ingredients you will need and how much you anticipate as leftovers. Some families have a list of items commonly purchased at the grocery store. Once a week, every family member will circle the item(s) they feel are needed or would like in the kitchen. This works good for picky eaters and teenagers.

Method:- Combine with your hands the taco recipes with the salt and pepper in a bowl. Create burgers, whatever size you want with the taco recipes.- If you wish to stuff the burgers with anything I like cheddar cheese. Make a well in the burgers with your fingers. Place the filling in the well and cover over with the taco recipes you took out making the well.- Cook under a grill, I like till about medium-well but whatever you like. If you are using bacon then place that under the grill with about 7 minutes to go. You can also cook in a pan if you wish.

Today we stand here ready to present to you our passion and commitment to create enjoyment, pleasure and memories for you and your family. Our burgers are crafted with the finest beef on the planet. We only use grain-fed cattle; all natural, no hormones, fillers or antibiotics, and most importantly they run free in the fields. Our prime beef is dry aged (the amount of time is a closely guarded secret), blended and ground fresh.

Tequila tacos mexicanos -This recipe, from Guy Fieri, calls for soy sauce, limes, flank steak, sour cream, white vinegar, whole-grain or corn tortillas, homemade taco slaw, onion, fresh cilantro, Cojita cheese and tequila.

You’ll have to squeeze into one of the many two tops to sample the goods–like ceviche mixto (que deliciosa!) , fried yucca rounds, and fish tacos, created by Chef Julian Medina.

Opened in 1993, Looney’s Pub is located in Canton Square. One of the best things about Looney’s is it provides a great place to gather with a group of friends and watch sporting events. This place has a great menu with grilled and BBQ options along with an expansive bar selection. With games and TVs, the average bar hopper will enjoy their stay with friends in one of the most happening neighborhoods in Baltimore.