Further Harnessing Social Network

Branding is making your name recognizable! And whether people know this or not the more recognizable the name the better chance you have of making future earnings. Just a few years ago we could do things and not really worry about it coming back to haunt you, however today your name is all you have in the business world.

There’s a whole lotta blippin’ to be had on Blip.fm, and while it may seem like another Read my tweets popularity contest, it’s all in fun. The people who belong to Blip.fm really love music and are more than happy to share songs with other people. Not only that, but Blip.fm has a feature that allows you to play songs in a continuous stream, similar to having a radio on or listening to your itunes. You can visit other Djs profiles and click on their props to see what songs they have given props to, or you can click on their playlists to see what songs they enjoy listening to.

How are you going to satiate the reader’s obsession if you try to write about something you don’t know about. You can do all the research you want on a subject matter but you will never be an expert on it. If you write an article on carpentry but never even held a hammer in your hands or are not even remotely interested in the trade, this will show in your writing. A few poorly written and uninteresting eBooks or articles will do more damage to your credibility than a ton of well written ones will do good.

TweetDeck is a great tool to use when you’re tweeting regularly, but it’s also a great tool to use when you’re scheduling your tweets as well. This is an easy to use tool and scheduling is that much easier. Another advantage to using TweetDeck is it doesn’t appear to be scheduled.

Even if your blog is for personal use, think of your readers and what they would want to read. And how you can help them. For example, you could write a post on the top ten ways to do something. This establishes you as an expert in a niche which helps to build rapport which helps increase sales.

I am known as the Marketing expert and not only have I wrote a book about marketing, but I’ve also written articles and started blogging on networks like Black Enterprise and Forbes and have been giving free links to my website on both.

Riggleman getting it right: Jim Riggleman, it seems, has finally gotten a hold on his lineup. Jayson Werth has settled nicely into the third spot, and the Danny Espinosa/Rick Ankiel 1-2 combo is probably the best the Nats can do there (although Riggs should monitor the young Espinosa, who is just 2 for his last 22, and make sure the pressure of leading off does not weigh him down).

11. Post your content as a guest in blogs, newsletters and newspapers. Contact editors and let them know you have content available that can help their audiences (you may want to write a press release). While you’re at it, let them know you’re available as a source for future articles.