Getting A Pharmacy Technician Certification

When interviewing for a pharmacy technician position, it helps to know the industry and practice ahead of time to effectively answer the questions that will likely be asked by the interviewer. A positive first impression is hard to make the second time around. Being prepared along with the right type of pharmacy technician training and experience can rank you above those less prepared.

Have you ever had braces? Had X-rays at the dentist? Then you worked with a Dental Assistant. During procedures, they work alongside dentists to handle equipment and assist with vital tasks.

The screen went blank for a few seconds, and then another screen popped up that said “Pass”. What a relief. The whole process took about two and pharmacy technician career a half hours yet seemed like it passed instantly. Although I knew I’d passed that day, my scores and certificate arrived about two weeks later. They showed up in a big white envelope via snail mail.

When it arrives, get your favorite beverage and sit back and be amazed at all that they offer in academics for better career;, arts for the fun of it; music classes, and more than this page would hold.

The exam itself is offered year round and requires a small fee to take it. The exam has 90 multiple choice questions which key on what was learned in the training. You will be able to take it multiple times if you do not pass, but most succeed after completing the training.

For those of you who may not know this, it is the pharmacy technician course who fills your prescription. They take the prescription form(s) from the patient at the intake window, then pull the drug(s) from the shelf. They then process the prescription(s) in the computer, complete with labeling instructions and warnings, and bill the insurance company. Then they count out the tablets, put them in the bottle(s), and put the label(s) on. Then it goes to the pharmacist to be checked for accuracy.

When the results appear, review them and then raise your hand so the attendant can escort you out of the room. They will fingerprint and palm you and then look at your photo once more. Then, they will then print you out your results and tell you that your official and detailed scores will not come in your mail until 1 to 3 weeks. You then will be allowed to grab your items out of your locker, and leave.

Finally, I would like to say that, every once in a while, thank your Pharmacy Technician for the work that he or she does. Any good pharmacist will tell you, he could not do his job, if we do not do ours.