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There are a number of health problems that can be caused by the environment. The most preventable is lead poisoning. However, still almost one million children in the United States have been tested and shown elevated levels of lead in their blood. Any child can be in danger from lead poisoning but despite what some people think, your child cannot be harmed by lead in pencils. There is no actual lead in pencils or the paint on the pencils, but there are other ways that your child can come into contact with lead.

I wrote about my experience in my new book, I Want to Know My Future. I wrote this book so Christian families would have a guide to help them to stop the persecution and to love their homosexual children.

Moms Minivan has a great list of games to play in the car, including License Plate Game. You can print out a list of all 50 States with a checkbox to mark with you have seen that plate.

This step is more involved than it looks at first. Have you really sat down and thought about who you’re writing for? Some of the criteria that you can use to identify your target audience are their age range, sex, education level, athlete, location, and profession to name a few. Start by writing a description of your ideal reader and keep it handy while you’re writing.

The reason you’ll need separate strategies and marketing activities to go with those strategies is because you will be talking to two very different audiences. And it will be important for you to speak and market to them based on what is important to them.

Unless you are willing to step out of your comfort zone and give this a real opportunity to work in your life, you could never know the simply incredible power and way that this mental programming technique can work in your life. I literally wore my first tape out listening to it, but it created significant leverage and results for me. I know the vast majority reading this will not make the commitment to this habit. It is a shame, but for those of you who do, I promise your results in every area of your life will improve as your internal communication improves. I constantly look for, borrow, adapt and write down affirmations. I cannot claim originality for all of them as they have been collected and changed over the years.

Publish them – If there is a news component to the project you select, you might find your community newspapers eager to publish your photos. All editors love impactful images, and someone who sends them great storytelling photos will soon become a best friend. You get exposure. Newspapers get content. Readers learn.

You can teach your children from your home. It is less complicated than you may have thought. Put what you have learned from this article to good use and begin teaching your children today. You will feel accomplished and proud when your children finish each class, grade and school altogether.