How Do I Become A Motivational Speaker?

Have your parents or grandparents ever advised you to be friends with good people, to seek out people who have a positive outlook? There’s a famous saying: “You’re only as good as the company you keep”. Basically, it’s The Law Of Association which is one of the spiritual and universal principles that apply everywhere.

Funny things always sell like hot pancakes. This is merely a reflection of the fact that people are on the lookout for a break from the stresses of life. When you find something to laugh about, you also often get your drive back. One thing that can help you put on a wide smile everyday would be amusing motivational posters.

Brian: Fred Taylor is superior to Warrick Dunn except in staying healthy. Taylor has more rushing yards , more rushing touchdowns and more overall TDs despite playing in 38 fewer career games. Dunn has better receiving totals than Taylor sports motivational speaker but that’s largely because of how they were used. Taylor caught 40 or more passes three times in his career, so he clearly could have been more valuable in the passing game if his team chose to use him that way more often. Taylor would’ve been remembered as one of the top backs in NFL history if he could’ve stayed healthy. As it is, he’ll still be remembered as a better back than Dunn.

Like most of our neighbors, we’d spent 10 months living in a tin can, our 29-foot RV, when Katrina arrived. Under mandatory evacuation, we packed up our home, the RV and headed to high ground in Georgia. Nearly 300 miles away in Pine Mountain, Ga., we hid out in the RV from Katrina’s tornadoes. Katrina spawned 43 tornadoes, and 21 were reported in Georgia.

Open your very own small business. Isn’t that the American Dream? For example a McDonald’s franchise would require 1 Million Dollars to open. With this financial system it could be a serious complication to get loan this big, but lets imagine you got it. Now you have to make it work and make it profitable, and statistic say that 9 out of 10 won’t make it past first year.

You have probably heard of this challenge, but have you ever done it? For the next 30 days do not watch any TV or radio news programs, newspapers, talk shows, etc. Instead use that time to listen to good music, read a good book, listen to a top keynote speakers. Another thing you should do is to remove all verbal criticism for this time period. Yes, that definitely includes your spouse.

The slogan is “make it happen fast” and they state that you can retire this year. That is a bold statement although, and of course a very motivating one. In my opinion, this is what the whole course and program being offered is all about. I like this kind of stuff but to me it is not worth the high price tag.

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