How To Become A Professional Home Builder – How To Determine If Your Home Is A Winner

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The steel roofing materials is both heat resistant and fire proof. It is one of the strongest materials in roofing industry and ensures optimum protection and safety to your house. Steel sheet for roofing is totally rust proof and ensure long lasting use. It gives life time use guarantee. Easy replacement at low cost estimating software is also possible just to bring a change in the look. The anti rust properties are achieved with the presence of Zinc in its composition. To make it cheaper the outer surface of steel sheet is only coated with Zinc and makes it proof against rusting. Zinc prevents water from coming into contact with steel material and prevents rusting to take place.

I do not recommend any particular store for any product. Almost all of them will be glad to help you estimate what you need for your project if you get stuck. Be fair about it. Don’t go at the busiest time of the day and expect instant help. If they spend the time to help you, buy the products from them. Many stores have retired trades people working there with a wealth of free knowledge they can share with you. Some stores are better than others. Shop around.

You wouldn’t simply go hire a General Contractor, show them what you want done and leave all the choices up to them. You wouldn’t have the GC pick out your counter tops or cabinets, or anything else for that matter. You do all the homework, shop all the products, make all the choices. Then you hand it off to the GC to fulfill your wishes, using the products you chose. Sounds pretty straight forward, yes?

Materials-Most often forgotten when estimating a project are the consumables such as nails, cement, chalk, glue, adhesives and the like. A small one pound box of nails is about a dollar these days but concealed clips for a 12 x 12 deck can run as much as $400 or more. A one pound box of deck screws is about $2.00 for good ones but square shank screws for the same deck can be $100. If you have forgotten these items, your estimate is off by $500. Not chump change. Write down every single thing you will need. If you are going to rent a tool for the weekend such as a post hole auger or cement mixer that should also show on your list. A new style Construction cost estimating software program may allow you to add specific details, calculate square footages, # of nails needed, etc.

A foot length of 6 inches thick louvre glass 5mm thick goes for KES 50 . A Pair of louvre blades go for KES 80. The Haiti house plan windows are approximately 1meter squared in size. With the louvre system on half the length, this will be 75 KES x 7 pieces for glass =KES 525. For the window louvre system, this will be KES 80 per pair x 7 = KES 560. The total will be KES 1085 plus fixed glass KES 350 =KES 1435.Add 20 % for labour and transoprt to site =KES 1722.

With the use of Machinery for excavation[15% savings] and use of masonry to replace reinforced concrete on foundation footing [75% savings] and ground floor slab [45% savings], this will greatly save on the overal foundation construction costs.