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It’s a long time; I was looking for a search engine dedicated to business. I saw lots of websites but most websites were bulk with lots of advertisements. And it’s really hard to find what you are looking for, and more over I don’t find a good business search engine for mobile.

The ship with the five Sullivan brothers, the Juneau, was struck by a Japanese torpedo in November of 1942. The bomb apparently hit near the ammo magazine, and the ship exploded, the wreckage sinking speedily. Because of orders for Business Directory the boys, those near the disaster didn’t report it until several hours later. Although a report was eventually made, it was apparently lost in the shuffle for a number of days. The Sullivan family began to get concerned about the lack of letters from the boys, but no news was forthcoming from the Navy about the Sullivan boys.

Many of today’s canned fruits also come in single serving sizes that can be packed away in a lunch box for a healthy snack. All measure of fruits and vegetables come in canned form. Peaches, pears, cherries and berries for baking and fruit cocktail are some of Blogging the Boys more popular canned fruits. Canned peas, corn, spinach, tomatoes, mushrooms and asparagus make up some of the more common canned vegetables.

>>>> Do not use Shock & Awe. You may be stronger physically, but the International Court of Justice is always on her side. If you Blitzkrieg her, you are one suit away from ruin.

As well as submitting your link on other blogs, this is a great way to receive traffic. Don’t only do it for blog directories though; if your blog is about your business, or you are using it for business, list your business in a Business Directory and include a link to your blog.

Create more coaching programs. As you know, more products will mean more sales and revenue. Strive to multiply the number of your coaching programs by working hard, hiring reliable people who can help you out, and by obtaining more topic ideas that you can convert to coaching programs.

6) Plumbers – Leaking pipes, burst water mains and much more besides call for the expertise of a respected plumber. A directory can provide that information.

There are millions of blogs out there. Professional blogs, personal blogs, fun blogs and what I call junk blogs but they can do awesome things for your online presence, your reputation and your business. Make your blog one to remember so you can maximize the impact it has on your business!