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Also known as the Windows Media Video, the WMV are the video files that you can only play on the Microsoft Windows Media Player. This video file format is a series of video codec which was created by Microsoft. No wonder why it is exclusive for their Windows operating system alone.

DVD’s are also much easier to store. They take up much less space than a traditional VHS tape and can usually store up to two hours of video per DVD. DVD’s can be stored in a large album style case or in individual cases, depending on personal preference. This convenience is just one of many that can only be provided by DVD’s.

Hair MakeOver – Available at the Play Store and the online stock of any leading iphone application development company in India, this one is really handy for those looking for a hairstyle makeover. There are plenty of trendy and stylish hair designs to choose from, and you can fit them on your face – before selecting the one that suits you best. All that you need to do next is visit a good local hair salon!

A Track activity email- Last year I created a video where I sang happy birthday. Whenever one of my Facebook friends had a birthday, I sent them that video and the response was over 112 comments…WOW, amazing!!!

Your answer, “We tailor all of our Training/membership packages based on your individual needs such as how many days you want to exercise, what services and facilities you are looking at using etc. What we normally ask is for you to do quickly fill out this fitness profile, (PEQ) which tells us a little bit about yourself and will save me asking you a lot of questions, I generally say with a smile it save me from sounding like I’m interrogating you.

6501 Crazy Facts – Learn a new information trivia everyday, with the help of the 6501 Crazy Facts application. There are precisely that number of facts stored in this app, and one of them is randomly chosen to be shown every day. Your knowledge pool would increase, and you will get lots of funny tidbits as well. This app works perfectly well offline too.

The OKC Million is not just about losing weight; it’s about bringing awareness of epidemic obesity in our society. The disease breaks all social and economic barriers. With our more sedentary lives and access to so much processed food, all ages are vulnerable.