Mobile Home Park Investing And Having Fun With Trailers

Florida is a well-known haven for people living through winter storms in the northeast. Sun and warm water are an obviously attraction, but there is much more to Florida. Orlando seems to be one giant theme park with Disney World, while Miami offers entertainment of a distinct adult variety with a legendary nightlife. Throw in the Florida Keys, tons of college and professional sports teams, the Kennedy Space Center and you have a state with a lot to do besides loaf on the beach. Then again, loafing on the beach should never be denigrated!

If you seek their help you would be paying the right amount of tax – not less nor more. Therefore, you’re safe in the hands of law and you won’t be losing out on your hard earned cash. Less for you to worry when it comes to filing your tax returns. The worst thing that could happen to anyone regarding taxes is wrongly appraised taxes – it’s one trap that you should never fall into.

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The third section is my exit … either where I sold it or I rented it and if I have rented it and turned it into a rental then I would keep all my leases there. If I sold it then I have my closing statement. It makes it really nice if you need to evict a tenant. You’ve got everything you need in a three-ring binder. You could just take the binder to court or an IRS audit it’s all there: Where you paid for the property, the repairs; and how much you made when you sold it …one property at a time.

Many investors will not do this, and think that restarting the clock is being overly cautious and may cause them to lose a deal. If you are a small player, you may get away with taking risks. If you plan on being a serious investor and doing a lot of deals then you are a target and should ensure that your deals are completely clean. As for losing the deal – if you are doing your job of keeping in touch with the homeowners, you won’t have to worry about them bolting.

They sit on the shelf very nicely. I keep the properties address in this binder. I might also keep an extra set of keys in there. Today the Title Company put the information on a CD and those CD holders fit in those three-ring binders quite nicely.

A listing collection is a website that features listings from all over the country. Prospective buyers and sellers visit these sites to see what’s on the market in various areas. It’s always a good idea to make sure that you and your listings are showing up on these sites as several of them are well known and receive many visits daily. You can input your listing details, photos, etc. and even showcase your open houses as well. These sites are typically free, with features for giving your listing extra exposure for a fee.