Rate Your Medical Insurance Before Making A Change

Nowadays, everybody needs a medical card. With the rising medical cost, it is totally insane if somebody believes that medical card is unnecessary. Almost all the insurance company in Malaysia offers medical plan for you to choose, and they have packaged their medical insurance plan in its own unique way. It is up to you to choose suitable package for yourself and family. Some people like to think that as long they have a medical card; then it should be fine, and I can tell you these people will definitely regret later. Plan your needs before deciding on the medical plan.

With a whole family to provide for, you can expect to pay more for the prescription drugs everyone will need. Drug prices are continually rising. Because of this, many companies have stopped covering drugs. Some still do, but require you to pay a high percentage of the cost.

Not all seguro de Vida plans cover you when you travel abroad. When making a plan to travel to international destinations it’s a good idea to look into purchasing medical coverage for your trip. So, before you go you may want to research what kind of medical coverage is available to you and what the costs might be.

“There are a lot of organisations in Malaysia that can help you get the information you need. So, seek advice on how to take care of your health, and take your medications on time. The government has already given something (free medications) to us, now we have to ask ourselves, have we given back to society as well?” he says.

Among the managed medical insurance plans, HMO (Health Maintenance Organization) is the most cost effective. It provided preventive and primary healthcare. But there is a network of healthcare service providers and one necessarily has to stick to it. There is another option, known as the Preferred Provider Organization (PPO). This is a comparatively costly plan but the beneficiary has the luxury to consult doctors beyond the network.

These challenges are all too familiar to Vincent, Nicole, Ah Fatt (not their real names), and Michael, all members of the Kuala Lumpur AIDS Support Society (KLASS) in Malaysia who have agreed to share their experiences to help others learn to live with the virus.

Preparing for emergencies ahead of time will prevent you from having to deal with financial difficulties in an already stressful situation. Take the time to get ready now, don’t wait until it is too late.