Rune Renaissance – Time To Bring Runes Into The 21St Century

Thinking of painting the town red? Looking for some hedonistic clubbing on an exotic isle? Fancy taking a trip to a party metropolis? From the raving mad parties of Ibiza to the edgy music scene of Berlin, we’ve got it all covered! Check out our array of the ultimate nightlife destinations where the music is loud, the parties hair-raising and the bars titillating! Read on to find out what the “buzz” is all about!

I vowed to myself there and then never to get serious about a foreign girl because the arguments were just too much. Food was never a problem. Culture was not much of a problem, although where I was in southern Netherlands, most people were Catholic and I am not. This did perplex some parents but not me. Travelling was always going to be the problem. Do you live by her parents or yours? Especially when children start arriving. Most countries have stronger family ties than Britain.

After finishing university, I moved to The Netherlands to live. It was the seventies and Dutch girls were great. However, I made friends with male British colleagues first and soon saw some of the problems that can come from an international relationship. Most of the men I knew were typical Brits and made absolutely no effort to learn Dutch at all. Surprisingly, many Dutch people could not speak English either, especially the parents.

I believe that there are two categories of limiting beliefs. The first category are the “known” or “aware of” limiting beliefs. Beliefs in this category are the ones that we normally recognize in our life. They’re easily identified by the use of the phrase “I’m not…” or “I’m too…” such as “I’m not smart enough” or “I’m too old”. Personal development writers, speakers and seminar developers have made millions teaching people how to remove these limiting beliefs so I’m not going to bore you with this information. What intrigues me is the second category of limiting beliefs, what I call the “unaware of” or “false reality” beliefs.

1:00 PM – 2:00 PM – Let’s Make History at the Southwest Museum of the American Indian, 234 Museum Dr., L.A. Make a cornhusk doll. For more information, call (323) 221-2164.

HUNGARIANS: Hungry had a bloody acquaintance with Bolshevism. By joining in the struggle against the Soviet Union she kept her traditional policy of the preservation of strange cultural events.

If you’re looking to let your hair down and party, then you may want something a bit different to your local watering hole. A trip to Amsterdam in Holland has a fantastic nightlife (not to mention plenty of culture to soak up in the day) and is easy to get to from regional airports in the UK.

Oh, and by the way, should you like a little light music to accompany this article, I recommend Edith Piaf singing “Autumn Leaves”, in both Johnny Mercer’s English and Jacquec Prevert’s French. It is superbe. You’ll find it in any search engine. Do it now before the falling leaves have all drifted past your window…