Secret Success With Online Music Promotion – Using Youtube To Get Crazy Exposure!

Internet music promotion can be a long and hard road for many who spend hours in front of the computer and see very little results. But then there are bands that seem to hardly do anything and get record deals and amazing gigs with ease.

Google+ is a product of Google itself; no wonder search results for Google+ users are THE first on-screen results. This is great because free music promotion totally comes into play – isn’t it exposure that artists and bands desire? So keep on top and sign up.

There are many free blog platforms online-WordPress,Tumblr,Blogger-it’s up to you to choose the best style suited to your needs.It’s best to use an artist or band name so it’s easier to find you online.Should you decide to use a much more creative blog name, promote it well.

Be legit – create a band page. You should create one right away – URL and band name – and have your own musical digital footprint. Select the category ‘Arts, Entertainment and Sports’ and you’re all set.

After learning about all these mediums by which we can promote our music we can conclude that online promotion ways are far better than all these mediums. Online promotion will not cost you much; it is easy to do and will be very helpful to make established career for you.

No, I don’t spam my way through the forums, plastering links all over peoples’ blogs. Instead, I sift through the latest blog postings and choose one or two that I feel comfortable commenting on. These forums allow me to link my username directly to the site of my choosing, which happens to be my blog. And since I am now a member on some of these top ten blogs, my content has an immeasurably good chance of catching traffic. And what did I pay for this promotion? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! Signup is free. Posting is free. Links are free. All it takes is a little bit of effort and a little bit of ambition.

Now you go to them and say you have an idea that if you all put in $300 a month, you could employ a music promotion company. This will help you play bigger and bigger shows and easily pay the costs.