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Futurists were dead wrong when they speculated on the 21st century, predicting flying cars and robot house cleaners. We may not have flying cars but we definitely have the technology to for building a windmill for cheap. This post describes some factors worth a moment’s consideration.

Blogger is missing many features that are beneficial to business bloggers and pro-bloggers. People who write hobbies will probably do just fine with Blogger but if you want to run a company blog and have high hopes for it, it’s a good idea to go with another platform like WordPress. Blogger lacks features such as contact forms, article tagging, comment editing, comment subscriptions, etc. Moreover, Blogger cannot be integrated easily into other websites such as Technorati. Customization options are limited as well since few templates are available.

As you journey through a sea of reviews, you’ll find that some are more reliable than others. Read all of them, but put your faith only into those rare reviews that really seem to take a balanced look at the business. You need to be sure that what you’re reading is coming from a source that is as serious as you are about succeeding. Many people fail only because they aren’t willing to work hard enough. They might blame the business model when in fact it’s their own fault. Read carefully and you’ll detect these people when you’re reading your reviews.

Based on the concept art that team has posted on their blog, Runner 2 might not have giant mechs, but it will have a totally different look than the previous 6 Bit.Trip games. For one thing, the game will have HD graphics and feature a more animated look that takes inspiration from cartoons in the 30s and 40s. And then there’s the fact that the game will come to Xbox Live Arcade and Playstation Network; a big deal for a series that started life on the WiiWare service.

All I know is that I love the fact that it allows me to save my favorite websites for rainy days, thats about it. Of course don’t think that it’s all that high tech because it isn’t. You aren’t going to be able to view updated to the minute information on a website through Superbot.

You will also want personal intrest to create your brand new characters. Certainly you need a hero, companions, or secondary characters and an antagonist, in the very least.

Improve your writing skills further and never stop learning. This is important because writing is a craft that should always be honed. Just because you already successfully made one eBook does not make you a superstar writer who no longer needs to improve herself. You should continue to improve your writing skills. You can do this by reading books on creative writing, other eBooks, eBook writing tips and techniques and even by signing up for seminars on writing.

Self-hosted is the best choice for many, and it’s what I recommend to newbies because it’s relatively easy to learn, very powerful, and extremely popular, which means there are lots of themes, plugins, and support out there to use.