Social Injection – How Social Networks Generate Business Leads

Quality of back links: In off page optimization quantity of quality links is very important factor to get good rank in search engine. Try to put your links in relevant categories on high page rank sites. for example :If you put 1000 of links in irrelevant sites it will not helpful to gain rank but if you put only 100 links in relevant categories you will get result very fast.

Have a strategy: Understand that there are a good number of social networking websites available right now you could use. But that does not mean that you sign up with everyone. Being everywhere does not help. So have a strategy that will help you choose the sites that will help your business. Choose sites that make sense. Instagram or Pinterest may be great for a particular business, but Twitter may be better for yours. Understand what is good for your business and use it.

Now you have created a system where the moment you post your jobs on your blog the post will be automatically fed into your Twitter account as Tweets via FeedBurner . Once your feed is published on Twitter your already linked accounts on Join me and Facebook will automatically pick up the tweets and publish them as your status updates. In other words all your connections across 3 major social networks can view your job posts as status updates with a link to click on. This in turn which will lead them to your blog to view your jobs and apply. Now you are ready to move to Level 4.

The quote at the top of this article is from the classic, Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance by Robert Pirsig. I read that book yesterday morning in my study time and it was amazing. I had heard about it for years but had never read it. What a great book! It’s a story about a father and son riding a motorcycle across America years ago. They did it to experience what they couldn’t just by flying or even driving in a car. Throughout the journey, Pirsig explained how in life we have two opposing forces in us and how the ancient Greeks discussed much of what is happening to us today.

Think back to 1998 and 1999, in the midst of the great NASDAQ bull market. Almost anyone could make money buying tech stocks. Fast forward to 2000, and it was almost impossible to make money buying tech stocks because they were in a major downtrend.

Maybe one program (or series of posts or categories) is “interesting people or clients”. Another might be a “How To” show. Yet another might be a Talk Show that shares conflicting opinions on a specific topic. How about the Daily or Weekly News?

If your industry has a networking or professional development event in the near future, ask if the hiring manager will be attending. Gently remind the hiring manager you’re waiting by sending a “hope to see you there” e-mail with details about the event and why you think it would interest him or her. And of course, throw in that sentence!