Spector Apologizes For ‘Wolfenstein’ Comments, Still Wants More Variety In Games

Zombies in the Shadows. The Bureau of Natural Disasters has called and the infection has spread. It is up to you to stay alive until helicopter arrives. Grab your weapons and start shooting! The best part about shooting zombies is you don’t even have to feel guilty!

Many people will go to their local Gaming stores to buy Wii games, and there is usually a really good selection of Wii games available. The downside to this, is that the very newest games might not be available right away due to shipment delays. Also, stores do not always order every single game that is released. Luckily there are other methods you can use in order to get new games.

I shouted him the other day, he was upstairs fixing his tank “Manchester United are on TV” I had no response so a little later I yelped “I have Googled where we are going on holiday this year come see” he shouted back “sorry mum, would like to but I haven’t got time waste looking at stuff on the internet. I really want to get this done! I want to take it over to the park coz Carl got an r/c tank for his birthday and we want to battle”. He made me smile! Can Miracles really happen?

My first day at orientation in my undergraduate class I met a fellow gamer. We bemoaned the fact that there was no gaming club and swore to start one right there. Man, I thought, those guys were so wrong! Gaming could be cool!

A few nights ago I was feeling extra nostalgic so pulled out an old laptop which is basically on life support online Gaming and I spent some time cleaning up the Phobos base.

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I agree. It’s a hobby I hope to share with my son. We already started with a stripped down dungeon crawling set of rules I wrote up, Crypts & Critters. Look for more in this column soon.