Steel Fabrication Explained

So you have seen hundreds, even thousands of pictures of Rat Rods and you have had enough of ideas and you decide to build what you want in a Rat Rod. Here’s a couple of ways to get some ideas flowing for your Rat Rod.

The next reason a busbar often stops at the mill is tolerance. Once your tolerance gets under +/- .005″ on hole placement, we can no long hold these dimensions on our punch presses. Also, the tolerance of the hole diameter is a concern, +/- .001″ and we must use a mill to drill the hole. To be sure your part stays off the mill, allow +/- .020″ for your tolerance. It is important to note, that punching copper busbar does slightly deform the surface of the part. Occasionally this indenting or rounding of the surface of the busbar can result in lose of contact area. This minor deformation of the hole is rarely a problem, but worth noting.

Most websites of Contract assembly Melbourne shops have a CONTACT US page. Call them! Talk to them. Ask every question in your mind and if it is possible, get a free estimate. Some companies offer no attachments free consultation. Grab that opportunity and see what they can do for you.

Chop Saws – Quick and dirty saw that gets the job done. If tight tolerances aren’t needed then this saw is the quickest. It makes a mess as well, but it is a dry mess that sweeps up. It is a bit cleaner then the band saw.

Contractor safety often begins in the bidding process. Begin by choosing contractors with a good safety record and who understand the unique hazards of your facility. Make sure contractors understand the hazards that they will be working in before they bid. You do not want to be in a situation where their ability to make a profit depends on taking unsafe shortcuts.

This method is the most difficult to learn how to weld stainless steel, however in my opinion it is the most satisfying and offers a pure joint between base metal and filler metal.

So there you have it. If you ever walk up to a small aircraft and push on the skin of the plane, you won’t be surprised if it feels like canvas. What would you build your homebuilt aircraft out of?