The Home Painting Party

A mothers love is no doubt just as strong or as sound as a mothers courage. You might be reading this wondering what this is really about. It’s about the fact that once a mother gives birth, she never considers that she would have lived life any other way.

You are very inspirational. Do you plan on speaking to young people about your experiences and giving them advice about maintaining health or pursuing their art?

First you should inspect the condition of the linoleum floor in question to make sure it is still in good condition. For this purpose you have to thoroughly clean it. Make sure you scrub it well. You should get all the floor wax off and might have to use an industrial strength cleaner available in home improvement stores to get the job done. When the floor is dry, check it for holes and cracks. A magnifying glass would be a good tool to use to ensure you find even the tiniest flaw in your linoleum floor.

2) Once you have your paint ready they can begin making their craft. You start by putting small amounts of each color together on the paper. We like the results when we put the different paint colors close but not on top of each other. Using a straw that is cut in half show your child to blow the paint by number kits in all direction, we turned the paper many times to get our paint to go all over. It works well if you have them make small huffs through the straw not blowing too hard, you might get spit on your paint monster that way. Also be sure they take their time, blowing too much at once could make them lightheaded.

Earth tones are very popular colors for any space. Earth tones bring you a little closer to the outdoors. That is something that every person who works from home could us e a little more of. Benjamin Moore has a vast list of earth tones available in their paint by number kits selection. Baked Terra Cotta is a very earthy color. Suntan bronze is a great choice as well.

Wait until the floor is completely dry. Next you have to apply the primer. You should choose an oil-based one. Your primer and top coat should be oil-based, which will aid in the floor cleaning, because it is water repellent. Additionally, the top coat should be labeled as ‘floor paint’. You want to make sure that your paint will be able to endure the heavy duty traffic it might face in some areas of the floor. You can apply the primer to the floor just like you would to a wall. Apply a thick layer of primer, which will aid in masking any imperfections that might have been left after the previous treatment step. If you are unhappy with the evenness and texture of the surface area, you might have to sand down the floor again and apply another coat of primer.

I encourage you to embrace these three simple ideas. When applied regularly they will help you push through to the finish line and shine the brilliant light of who you are through your work to the world.