The Psychology Behind Lean Manufacturing

On the weekends and in the evening many of us watch some amazing sporting feats. Some of us may even participate in some great events. What spirit those athletes have! How they throw everything they have to gain an extra yard, drive an extra foot or shave off an extra millisecond.

Send out resumes to the companies on your ideal job list even if you’re not 100% qualified. Remember you don’t need to meet all of the qualifications. Take a chance and apply for positions that you are at least 70% qualified to fill.

When something goes wrong in your factory go there yourself. Drop the report you had in your hand, and go see the problem with your own eyes. You will be amazed by the amount of information you will get just by doing this. After you understand how powerful is ‘to see to believe’, ask your employees to do the same.

Don’t forget to factor in the costs of hardware and network upgrades into your budget. These can have a significant impact on your budget. Too often people only focus on the software costs and do not factor in the hardware and upgrades.

Where is the payback?” The answer lies in the program processes and in the steps taken to sustain all efforts (the fifth S). Management and the 5S team seem to look at 5S as a once and done approach, or something you do on an annual basis when Upper Management visits the plant. The problem in this lies in the level of management’s understanding of materiales lean, how to properly apply “Total Quality Methods” as well as tools and techniques for assuring quality. Management and the 5S teams take a compartmentalized approach or as I like to call them chimneys (Cylinders filled with hot air and smoke that have no connection to other parts of the organization).

There are even kits to build your own log cabin homes, which can save you money. There are also kits that will allow you build your own custom built home. Some companies claim you can save $20,000 to $100,000 if you do so. They also give advice on finding contractors and materials.

Knowing that there is a solution framework out there that works is what allows most CIOs to be able to sleep at night. Actually implementing a solution and saving the company, well that’s a job that will be waiting for you when you become the CIO.