The Ultimate Bachelor Degree Guide

If you are a graphic designer, it is highly likely that one of your weaknesses is the ability to sell your services locally. An individuals talent for a particular form of art, even if it is used to sell goods through advertising, does not usually translate into a talent to sell their skills. I work with a lot of graphic designers who create animated television commercials, which I supply voice overs and music for. Too many however, are not making the money they could be making – even with strong attempts to promote themselves. Creative people are usually not sales people and are not successful at promoting their skills locally the old fashioned way. The solution is to start an online business where there is no “face to face” selling.

After graduation, instead of working in a school, I was able to use the combined bachelor’s degree in psychology and my master’s degree to work at a counseling agency. The hotline training I received at Fredonia suddenly became very useful. My concentration in law was invaluable for working with cases involving law guardians and the courts. Even my minor in English was useful for writing articles for the agency in the local newspaper and writing grants. The bottom line is that you never really know where the skills you learned at 20 will come in handy.

Variety: As a person choosing a degree, the main reason you should look at online degrees is for the great diversity that it offers. With online studies, you will get variety in three different ways. This is in terms of schools, courses and course facets. When it comes to psychology as a specific subject, you have so many other courses to major in. This is very advantageous because you will not be restricted to only one subject. With this area of study you can study clinical, communication, forensic, health, and industrial or human factors psychology. You will never have to worry about where to fit in.

Example: I was looking for a flat to rent a few years ago. The estate agent had on her business card (her business card!) that she had a BA in drama. How on earth does that make her a better estate agent? In all likelihood it does not. Unfortunately, a degree is rarely relevant these days for the employment we end up in.

Now this is an interesting one. If you’re a quantitative researcher, invariably you’ll work the standard hours of 9 to 6, depending on what’s going on. But qualitative researchers have to invest a lot more hours because generally when they’re conducting focus groups or talking to people, they have to do it after work. So sometimes they’re working until 10 – 11 o’clock at night. You get remunerated for it, so it’s not so bad, but unfortunately their role does involve a lot of extra hours.

Next determine what areas interest you. Many branches of psychology exist such as clinical, industrial organizational and more. Make sure you read accurate job descriptions, the education requirements, the median salary etc. A great possible degree to get is a masters in applied psychology. This degree allows one to branch off into many different areas, becoming a licensed professional and more! Determine if you want to take traditional face-to-face classes or if the non-traditional online classes are a better fit for your schedule or needs such as having a family. Many programs across the country exist for online graduate degrees. Sacred Heart University offers an Applied online psychology therapy online at very affordable prices. Find the school that best fits your budget, and desires.

If not, look at this. Your school will have basic requirements for any degree, called general education. You can start out taking general education with reimbursement. If you decide to study archeology but you work for a computer company, you may not get approved, right? So you finish your general education, maybe even take some classes for a minor in an approved subject. Then, you arrange for another way to pay for the specific classes you can’t get approved through work. And presto, you are digging for relics in Peru!

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