Too Hot For Tv: Yanked ‘Family Guy’ Abortion Episode Goes To Dvd

I read a column in the “Durham News” this morning titled “Abortion opponents imposing their beliefs”. The writer suggests that anti-abortionists or pro-lifers impose their “deeply held faith-based beliefs” on women when they speak out against abortion or fight for the rights of the unborn. She goes on to say that the majority of Americans don’t share our beliefs and in fact, consider abortion a “private matter”. She also states that our beliefs or “just that, beliefs” and should not be considered when making laws. Well, the writer also has “beliefs”. She believes that abortion is a private matter and based on that belief, a woman should have the right to choose. Her belief is an imposition upon the unborn child.

Long ago, I decided that Abortion was wrong. I believed, and still believe that the taking of innocent life is murder. Today, I am called politically incorrect for that belief. Although I could stop someone from going into a grocery store, or a gas station and probably be charged only with disturbing the peace or a misdemeanor, trying to stop someone from going into an klinik aborsi raden saleh clinic has now become a felony. It’s okay to take an innocent life, but not okay to try to stop it. Something seems rotten in America.

In June Maddow’s MSNBC show was the only cable news show nominated Abortion clinic for a Television Critics Associationaward in the Outstanding Achievement in News and Information category.

In 1994, Vancouver, B.C. Dr. Garson Romalus was shot in the leg; The next year Dr. Hugh Short, another Canadian doctor, was shot in the elbow. In 1997, Dr. Jack Fainman of Winnipeg, Manitoba was shot in the shoulder.

As we begin to read the developing nature of this story and learn of its unfolding events we will be reintroduced to the issue of late-term abortions, the sanctity of life and taking the law into our own hands. Let us all examine our feelings and emotions regarding the murder of Dr. Tiller. If joy, happiness or any kind of pleasurable sentiment overcomes you, deliberately examine this within the context of your spiritual journey. Would any great spiritual leader of any time in history espouse those emotions in reaction to murder?

God has a purpose for every living Christian. It is to bring others to Christ. We often don’t realize that some of the best gifts that God has given us are the things we love to do the most. We often think of those gifts as something God has blessed us with, to bring us joy and pleasure to our lives. While this is true, those gifts were also given to us to serve as a bridge to bring others into the church, and to Him. Bringing others to Christ doesn’t have to be a struggle. It can be as simple as sharing “What you love to do” with others.

Father, I pray that Your love will touch the hearts of the people involved in this appeal. Lead us to interact with others in ways that glorify You and share Your love with the world. Direct us away from actions that will hurt others when we can find something to help them and show them Your love.