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Non-scientific American alternative band, We Are Scientists, announced details of a UK winter tour and the finale is at Rock City in Nottingham on November 27th. This is all in aid of promoting their third studio album, Barbara which was released last month.

R.E.M. Behind the Mask. This book taught me how to be a musician, how to, how to think about it. That in turn led to my interest in show posters. Creatively, it has been very inspiring.

And why should the cyclic trend continue…because the U.S. and the E.U. don’t want their currencies to get too expensive or too cheap relative to the others. They do a lot of business – trading and tourism – between each other. So if their financial policies start pushing their currencies too high or too low, they will take action to alter their policies and even purchase or sell their currency for the other’s to keep them in the ball park of about one and a third dollars per euro.

Lea went to Stage Door Manor for school, but had a normal high school since she has been working in musical theater since she was young. She was on the volleyball team and debate team. Music was not cool for her and her music teacher hated her.

Cambodian cuisine is related to Thai cuisine but it is said that Khmer cuisines are superior and fresh than Thai cuisines. Some important traditional Cambodian cuisines are; noodles and shrimp salads, sticky rice and mango, amok, saik ko tirk krote, red chicken curry and many more.

We met through Rachel I believe. But you married (one of) my brother’s former college roommate [writer’s side note: Disney was right, it IS a small world, after all].

New trend of Thai people are change and it obvious because their have own life style to use their life. Thai people like to but happiness with money to fulfill their life with the rest. This is obsolete that to work hard and keep money to use when you old because new generation are use to spend and use to keep like use money to but a happiness by pass the travel.